High Holidays 5770

High Holidays 5770

Rosh Hashana 5770

On September 25, 2009 - By Center for Jewish Life

CHICAGO - As the sun fell to the nights sky Jews throughout downtown Chicago gathered to Germania Place to begin Rosh Hashana festivities with the Chabad of Downtown. The weekend was filled with meaningful and spiritual services followed by inspirational discussions over traditional Jewish foods at Rabbi and Rebetzin Benhiyoun's home in the Gold Coast.

While it is customary to blow the shofar both days of Rosh Hashana, this year the shofar was only blown on Sunday in observance of Shabbat. Rabbi Meir Chai Benhiyoun in conjunction with his newly ordained son Rabbi Eliyahu Benhiyoun led the services.  The davening, praying, was led by Mendy Lubin, assistant to Rabbi Meir Chai. 

During Sundays services, all the participants including children gathered in the historic hall at Germania Place to hear the sounding of the shofar.  The shofar gives off 100 sounds as a call to the Jewish people to rise up for a new year.  It is also symbolic of the breath blown into Adam by G-d during creation.  The blowing of the Shofar is heard through out the entire month of Elul, the month leading up to Rosh Hashana, but is heard by most Jews for the first time during Rosh Hashana. 

Following Sunday's services congregants walked over to North Avenue Beach for Tashlich, wherein we symbolically cast our sins into the water and leave our old shortcomings behind us, thus starting the New Year with a clean slate.

Chabad of the Loop, Gold Coast and Lincoln Park will be hosting Yom Kippur services begining Sunday September 27th at night fall.  Services will be held at Germania Place.  For more information please visit www.centerforjewishlife.com or call 312-427-7770.

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