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On August 11, 2009 - By Center for Jewish Life

Chicago, IL – Chabad of the Loop, Gold Coast & Lincoln Park is proud to launch its new website   The new website is a one-stop-search to all Jewish needs in Chicago.


The Chabad created a new website as a gesture of appreciation to the Jews of downtown Chicago and guests visiting from around the world.  The website is designed to provide Chabad’s patrons with easy access to all of their services such as a pre-school, counseling, prayer services, classes and events.


By being centrally located in the epicenter of downtown Chicago, the Chabad caters to many travelers from around the globe.  The website features a visitor’s center page with recommended Chicago attractions, accommodations, kosher food, Judaica and directions to Chabad’s locations. 


The website is hosted by Chabad’s International Media Center,, located in Brooklyn, New York.  By joining forces, the Chabad of Downtown’s new website is linked to the many resources, articles and information housed on   This feature gives the Chabad of Downtown’s website visitors easy access to a vast array of information ranging to the weekly Parsha, Torah Laws, information for kids and much more.


“In the initial first step to revamping our website, we knew that it needed to serve both our local patrons and the many of the out of town guests that walk through our doors,” says Rabbi Meir Chai Benhiyoun.  “We really wanted to create a website that centralized a one-stop- search for anyone’s Jewish needs in Chicago and to make it easily accessible.”


Rebecca Taxman, co-creator of the website, initially approached Rabbi Benhiyoun with the concept of creating a new website for outreach purposes.  


“It was my initial goal to help the Chabad of Downtown reach out to “Jewish Chicago,” and I knew the best way to achieve this goal is by creating a new website.  The Chabad of Downtown is a very active Chabad House.  They host Shabbat dinners every week,  plan new exciting events to celebrate Jewish holidays; and are constantly adopting new approaches to make Judaism available to all Jews,” says Mrs. Taxman.  “The Chabad House is a gem in the heart of Chicago’s Gold Coast, and I felt more people need to know about the riches they have to offer – the website will definitely help get the word out.”


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About Chabad of the Loop, Gold Coast and Lincoln Park
Chabad of the Loop Gold Coast and Lincoln Park is a nonprofit outreach organization committed to reawakening Jewish life within a person. Its work is geared to building healthier communities in an inclusive organization without regard to a person’s background, affiliation or level of observance.

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